Hate waiting at the Apple Store?

We can repair any issues you’re having with your iMac or Macbook

Whether you use it for school, for work, or just for fun, your Mac is likely the center of your technology universe. What happens when you have a problem? Our team of experts have experience repairing many Mac devices, so we know what we’re doing. Whether it’s a cracked screen on your Macbook Pro, or you iMac is running slower than usual, we can make the right recommendations to get you back up and running.

Virus Removal

Virus/Malware removal, quarantine of Ransomware, and other security concerns

Hard Drive Repair

Hard drive errors, computer doesn't read hard drive, data recovery, slow machine speed

Slow Computer

MacOS takes forever to boot, slow or lagging system, operating system has problems loading

Macbook Screen Repair

Cracked or Broken Macbook Screen Repairs, Display Issues, Lines on your screen, No display on screen

Start From Scratch

We’ll reformat your hard drive, install all the latest updates, and your mac will be the same as the day you bought it.

Battery or Charging Problems

Computer not charging, battery dies quickly, charging port not working, battery needs replacement? We got you covered.

Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard or Mouse is unresponsive, doesn't work in certain areas, or missing keys

Motherboard Repair

Laptop unresponsive, logic board repair or replacement, diagnosis of system issues